Aldwych International Limited Supporting Team

  • Neil Hopkins – Finance Director

    Neil Hopkins – Finance Director

    Neil joined Aldwych in 2009 as Finance Director and is responsible for corporate financing, as well as financial reporting for the various Joint Ventures in which Aldwych participates. Neil is the Company Secretary for all of Aldwych’s UK registered companies and is also the Compliance Officer, reporting in that role to the Audit & Risk Committee of the Aldwych Board.

    Neil qualified as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young and he left in 1995 to join The AES Corporation. During his 13 years at AES, he worked primarily in London as the Regional Finance Director. Neil assisted in the development of greenfield projects and acquisitions in Europe and throughout Africa including Cameroon, Nigeria and South Africa, providing advice on project specific tax structuring, project financing and general accounting issues. In addition, Neil was responsible for overseeing the financial reporting for businesses across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Neil also sat on a number of Joint Venture Boards, representing AES and was Company Secretary for more than 20 UK based companies.

    In 2003 Neil spent two years in the US with AES as Vice-President of Financial Planning & Analysis, where he formed a new FP&A function, which at the time had interests in over 80 projects worldwide.

  • Robert Pacquement – Project Manager

    Robert Pacquement – Project Manager

    Robert has worked on developing and financing power projects in Africa for 9 years, joining Aldwych International in 2005 as Project Analyst. He authored templates for project and corporate models and was involved in many of Aldwych’s projects, in particular the acquisition of Kelvin Power in Johannesburg and the development of the Rabai Power Project in Kenya. In his current role, Robert is supporting a number of Aldwych’s projects, including the Fula Rapids Project in South Sudan, the Singida Wind project in Tanzania and number of new business opportunities in both West and East Africa. Before joining Aldwych, he completed an internship with EDF in the Medium Term Production Management Group of the Research and Development Division. Robert has an MSc in Computational Fluid Dynamics from the French engineering institute ENSEEIHT (National Institute of Engineering in Electro-technology, Electronics, Computer science, Hydraulics and Telecommunications).

  • Peter Barrett - Engineering Director

    Peter has been with Aldwych as Engineering Director since June 2009 focussing on projects in Ghana, Kenya, South Sudan, Nigeria, The Gambia and South Africa. Peter has led technical aspects of Aldwych’s participation in the 300 MW Lake Turkana wind farm IPP in Kenya, the 450MW Azura gas fired IPP in Nigeria, the 250MW Amandi oil / gas fired CCGT in Ghana, and the 42MW Fula Rapids hydropower project in South Sudan. Peter has also contributed to the restructuring of the Kelvin coal fired power plant by proposing a successful turn-around plan for the business.

    Prior to joining Aldwych, he worked as an independent consultant to the power industry for 2 years. Peter worked for The AES Corporation, primarily in London, from 1991 until September 2007, as a Project Engineer and Project Director. During this period, from mid 1993, Peter spent over two years in China, which included working as the technical expert on the 2100MW coal-fired Yangcheng project. After returning to England in 1995, Peter participated in the development of many successful AES projects, including the 240MW greenfield gas fired AES Barry project and several business acquisitions. He subsequently led a number of successful projects including the 363MW clean coal power plant refurbishment at Fifoots Point and the 600MW Maritza East 1 greenfield lignite-fired power plant in Bulgaria. Peter began his career as an electrical engineer with GEC Turbine Generators Ltd, and subsequently worked with ABB Power and Toshiba International. Peter has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Imperial College (University of London).

  • Mohammed Sedenu - Project Director

    Mohammed Sedenu - Project Director

    Mohammed Sedenu works with AADL on sourcing and developing energy infrastructure opportunities in Africa. He previously worked with the AES Corporation for over 12 years, initially joining the early project team mobilized to develop and manage the construction of a greenfield CCGT power plant in England, this being one of AES' first forays outside the US. Subsequently, and working from the UK forward base so established, he was a Project Director with responsibility for project origination, deal packaging, negotiation and project management in diverse emerging markets such as: Russia and the former CIS countries; pre-EU Central European states; the Middle East and North Africa; and sub-saharan Africa. With a track record of successful developments, he contributed to a period of rapid growth that propelled the corporation from a mere startup into the S&P 500 within a decade, and it became widely recognized as a leader in the Independent Power Producer (IPP) niche. He has since leaving AES specialized in establishing co-investment vehicles with local sponsors interested in contributing to bridging the energy gap in their countries, and is a Principal of a number of related joint ventures across Africa. While doing this, he also worked on and off with Aldwych International since its inception on specific business opportunities and is currently supporting the establishment of the AADL subsidiary which is actively involved in building up a pipeline of quality projects on behalf of InfraCo Africa. Mos is a Chartered Engineer, having supplemented his early education with an MSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Manchester. He also holds an MBA (awarded with a DIC) from Imperial College Business School.

  • Maeve O’Shea – Project Manager

    Maeve joined Aldwych International in early 2007. She is Aldwych’s Environmental Project Manager, responsible for managing and reporting on environmental, social, health and safety aspects at both a project and corporate level respectively. Maeve has acted as Environmental Lead on the Lake Turkana Wind Project, Kenya, and Singida Wind Project, Tanzania. She is also currently working on the Fula Rapids Project, South Sudan, and supporting the Azura-Edo Project, Nigeria, as well as working on a variety of new business opportunities in both the renewable and non-renewable sectors. Her field experience in sub-Sahara Africa includes Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and South Africa. Maeve graduated with an MSci in Geological Sciences from the University of Durham.

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